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Peer Review Process

The peer review process is integral to scholarly research. It involves scrutiny and validation of research methods and findings by the subject experts of the same field. Moreover, It is widely accepted that Peer Review process is the most valid research evaluation for converting academic research into publication. The main objective of peer review is to provide constructive evaluation, integrity and quality regarding the scientific content of the manuscript. All comments and suggestions of our peer reviewers are returned to the journal’s editorial office, which will then convey to the corresponding author in a timely manner. This filtering process and revision advice improve the overall quality of the final research article as well as offering the author new insights into their research methods and the results that they have compiled. Peer reviewers also help to ensure the ethical integrity of each manuscript, by pointing out any suspected or identified cases of plagiarism, either scientific or textual, in whole or in part. 

Peer reviewers are encouraged to follow Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guideline, this can be done via Link: and flowchat when taking peer review works.

Please double check the manuscript submission guidelines of the journal you are reviewing in order to ensure that you understand the method of peer review being used.