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Editorial Process

Manuscript submission

Before submitting your manuscript, please verify that all the format meets the requirements of your target journal. Please go to the main page of each journal for specific instructions. When the format requirements of the target journal have been met, then check the manuscript according to the checklist.

Authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts electronically by logging into or simply mail at along with a cover letter preferably by the corresponding author or first author.

Peer review process

When the editorial office receives a new submission, the manuscript will be provided with a unique identification number and all correspondence is done through e-mail. The editorial staff then performs an initial assessment of the manuscript to determine its topical relevance, adherence to the formatting guidelines, and the absence of plagiarism in both textual and scientific content.

If the manuscript passes its initial assessment, it is then forwarded to the Executive Editor with appropriate expertise in the subject area or study design. The Executive Editor is responsible for identifying at least 2 external peer reviewers with expertise in the topic or specialty of the paper. The peer-review process may require 2 to 4 weeks before a first decision is reached. The corresponding author is then asked to revise the manuscript, as needed, based on the reviewer’s comments and suggestions.

As the corresponding author submits the revised version of the manuscript, the manuscript undergoes another peer-review, or it will be sent to the Editor-in-Chief for a final decision, if appropriate. If the paper is accepted, the preparation stage for publication then begins.


When a manuscript is accepted, all the authors must sign a license/copyright form to publish that will allow Eduspread to publish the article. The article is then sent for copy editing, after which the corresponding author is asked to confirm the copy edited paper. The confirmed paper is entered online for publishing in advance, and at the same time, the paper is typeset. The author is asked to confirm the typeset PDF to ensure that there are no errors. The final PDF is then entered online.


The article will be published online in PDF format.


Submissions from editors, members of the editorial board, or employees

Submissions from editors, members of the editorial board, or employees will go through the same rigorous peer-review process as other submissions and will be treated no differently to any other manuscripts submitted to Eduspread journals. To ensure unbiased review, the Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, Editorial Board Members, and Staff will not make the decision for, handle or review his/her own manuscript.

Complaints (if any)

We welcome complaints and will try our best to solve the matters in a timely manner to the entire satisfaction of our authors. Please email us at in case of any complaint. All complaints will be acknowledged within three working days.

Note: The complaint must relate to the content or process that is within the responsibility of Eduspread publications or our editorial staff, editors.